Is low-level farm worth in Origins2?

Hi everyone, today we will test whether low-level farming is worth it in Origins2 or not. As you know Origins2 just started a new server that is to be merged with server 1 in the future. We all know that Origins2 is a long-lasting server since it is online ever since 2018. We know that as a normal player everybody wants to rush to a high level and get high-end equipment as soon as possible, thinking that low-level farming is not worth the effort that it requires. But they are wrong! The low-level farm is not worthless on the opposite. Since the server is pretty new Biolog books and Skill books have pretty good value. Apart from that, I've personally tested that in 1h of farming in the valley I've made 2kkk cash only from selling books and stones to NPC. But be careful Stone of Haste +4 has a value of 50-100kk in the market so don't sell it to NPC. You might as well keep monster and crit stone for your future weapon too. The weapon game gives you at level 30 weapon is stronger than +9 54 avg Grudge (I've tested it too) so use it as long as you can. After it expires you can go and get yourself a decent grudge with over 55avg. So far we have made 2kkk from books and stones. There is currently Summer event that will last until 01.09.2022. Thanks to this event we have an extra drop on valley stones, Coca-cola can. According to my calculations, a new player that has reached level 40 can do about 20k damage if 2FA is activated and a vote bonus is received. With this damage, you can farm about 1500 stones per hour easily. This means 1500 Coca-cola cans. You also drop 2x dragon stone shard which turns into 1x cor Draconis if you collect 5, you can do this exchange in the alchemist shop. You also drop Key Fragment+I with which you can make keys for Orc maze dungeon and Ape dungeon. You should do these dungeons whenever they are available since they have a chance to drop Talismans which are worth over 300kk in-game. If a person kills 1500 stones and does dungeons twice per hour can make over 6kkk per hour. Sounds incredible right? Of course, low-level farming and high-level farming have their different advantages but that doesn't necessarily mean that low-level farm is complete garbage. Do what you please most and if you can't decide check my other blog that compares High level and Low-level farming. Right below you can see how much I've made from stones and books out of about 8 hours farming in fireland. I chose fireland for it had less players so that my pc can breathe. You can increase this number if you make your damage higher and go to valley.

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