Aeldra Yang Zeta Metin2

What to Buy With Gems

Gemstones in Metin2 game are falling from creatures. They are obtained from different monsters from different maps in the game. At the same time, in order to use these precious stones, you must be on the same level as the creature. These precious stones can be used to buy the items you want in the game.


Growtopia What to Buy With Gems

Growtopia is a game where everything is designed as a square. You can produce different things by extracting seeds from objects such as stones and soil. Items can be bought with the precious stones obtained in the game. Gemstones of different colors have different values.

What Growtopia Do

Growtopia is a multi-purpose game and you have a lot of freedom in the game. The main theme of the game is trade. In addition, the players of this game can earn money. In game design, there is a general case of everything being square.

Groptopia Servers Down

It is said that the Growtopia servers are down. As a result of the servers being down, new players cannot access the game. However, some players also report that there is no problem in this regard. For this reason, this issue is often discussed among players.


Aeldra is a new server in Metin2 game. With this server, which was opened in July of this year, new players could be accepted. From time to time, new servers are opened in the game and access is provided to the players. Aeldra is one of them.

Aeldra Yang

It can be very difficult to accumulate Yang in Metin2 game. Especially for those who are new to the game, it is more attractive to buy Yang instead of accumulating. Aeldra is one of the most known servers in Metin2 game. Since the number of players is high, the Yang buyer base is also wide.

Aeldra Zeta

Metin2 game has a feature that attracts great attention in the world and expands its player base day by day. The game is played online in the form of multiplayer. For this reason, the coordinated gameplay of the game depends on the establishment of game servers. Aeldra zeta is one of these servers.

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